Rickenbacker International Corporation (RIC) is one of the most prominent names in the field of electric guitars manufacturing. RIC finds its base in first company founded as the Electro String Instrument Corporation by Adolph Rickenbacher and George D. Beauchamp in 1931. This pioneering firm produced “Rickenbacker Electro Instruments”, the FIRST modern electric guitars

Being a musician of the 1930s, The Beatles in the 60’s or the most-current rock groups on MTV, the Electric Guitars Rickenbacker have always helped in taking the music to new dimensions. Groups like Oasis, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, and many others always have Rickenbacker guitars in their musical arsenal

In modern era, the electric guitars Rickenbacker have retained the same spirit of first-class pre-1965 electric guitar manufacturing and craftsmanship. Today, the company is offering its newly designed guitars and basses, as well as highly successful, limited-edition signature models endorsed by diverse players such as Pete Townshend, Tom Petty, Carl Wilson, John Kay and Roger McGuinn

The electric guitars Rickenbacker are known for their distinctive sounds and are played mainly without distortion. A striking feature of Rickenbacker guitars is the use of two truss rods to correct twists and curvature in the neck. Rickenbacker guitars avoid most hard rock, metal, and punk outfits, though there are some exceptions. Many electric guitars Rickenbacker are equipped with an extra “stereo” output socket that allows the two pickups to be connected to different effects units or amplifiers

Some of the most sought-after models of Rickenbacker guitars come from 325, 330, 350, 360, 381, 620, 650 and 660 series. The 325c58 model is characterized by short scale body, oven knobs, gold plastic parts and three toaster pickups. In the 381v69 model, the front and back of body have German-style carve and checkered binding. Stereo output and a 12-saddle bridge are other features of this model

In simple words, each Rickenbacker guitar is characterized by its own unique features. And that is the reason why even 70 years after the invention of modern electrics, thousands of guitar players feel satisfied only with Rickenbacker guitars

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